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Our Generation Amina Doll with Ballroom Gown 46cm
Invite Amina to your next ballroom dance party! This Our Generation 46cm doll has beautiful brown eyes that open and close, and her soft brown hair can be brushed and styled before the event! Amina is all dressed up for the big occasion. Her enchanting gown has easy-open closures that make it quick to put on and remove, and her elegant tiara adds an extra touch of dazzling style! Amina can also...
Our Generation Boxer Pup 15cm
Make a new best furry friend with the Our Generation poseable Boxer Pup! This 15cm dog plush has poseable legs, so your pup can sit, stretch, lie down, and shake a paw! Time for a walk? The detachable lead easily clips to the collar and will keep your loyal pal by your side during fun travels. It has soft, light- and dark-brown plush fur, and it's just the right size to teach your dolls how...

Our Generation Diane - Poseable Rhythmic Gymnastics Doll 46cm
This Our Generation rhythmic gymnastics 46cm doll has bright blue eyes that open and close, and her long blonde hair is fun to brush and style! Wearing a gradient pink-and-white leotard, Diane is ready to show the crowd her moves. She can rotate her arms and legs to wave the ribbon as she dances. And she can also bend her elbows and knees to perform leaps and stick the landing on her mat! Her leotard...
Our Generation Equestrian Andalusian Hair Play Foal 15cm
Plait, twist, and accessorise with the Our Generation Andalusian Hair Play Foal! This 30cm styling horse has a white body with golden hooves, an ultra long white mane and tail, and features colourful accessories to add majestic hairstyles. Start by brushing the mane and tail and get creative with the heart-shaped hair extensions. They easily clip to the horse's mane or tail! Use the colourful...

Our Generation Get Well Soon Outfit for 46cm Dolls
Take extra good care of your 46cm doll friends with the Our Generation Get Well Soon outfit! The brightly coloured leg cast will help your besties heal quickly. Use the washable marker when it's time for friends to sign sweet messages on the cast – they can be wiped away and written again! Give your doll the "Get Well" card to let her know you're thinking about her. Then...
Our Generation Hop In Dog Carrier 15cm
Take your playful pup on sweet trips with the Our Generation Hop In Dog Carrier for 46cm dolls! Featuring a super-soft, fuzzy, 15cm dog plush Poodle, your besties can adopt a new puppy pal and explore the world together. Place your pup in the dog carrier when it's time to travel. The inside has faux-fur lining to keep them extra cosy, and the straps make it easy to carry on the nearest or farthest...

Our Generation Ivana Beach Doll & Bodyboard 46cm
Explore beautiful waves and beachy adventures with Ivana! This Our Generation 18-inch doll has beautiful brown eyes that open and close, and her long, brushable blonde hair is fun to style! Use Ivana’s blue bodyboard to surf the waves. It features an on-trend, all-over heart print and safety leash that fits around Ivana’s wrist to keep her safe on the ocean! Ivana’s wears a beach-ready...
Our Generation Julie Marie Doll 46cm
Cute, fun, and always fashion-forward, Our Generation 18-inch doll Julie-Marie is ready to discover trendy styles! She has a huggable soft body and lifelike features, from her beautiful hazel eyes that open and close to her long blonde hair that’s fun to style. She arrives wearing a faux-fur vest, a long-sleeved top, a polka-dot skirt, and a headband with a pretty lace bow! When it’s...

Our Generation Lucy Grace Yoga Doll 46cm
Stretch towards your goals with this beautiful 46cm yoga doll from Our Generation! This doll has bright green eyes and wavy, warm-brown hair and she loves yoga! She wears a pretty yoga training outfit printed with enchanting flowers, leaves, and butterflies. Her matching pink and yellow trainers are perfect for a stroll after her yoga class. Her yoga mat looks and feels just like yours! Use the...
Our Generation Meagan Doll & Pet Golden Retriever 46cm
This Our Generation Meagan doll comes with her very own doggy pal to bring for walks and play with. Dress and style Meagan, brush her hair and get her and her pooch ready for the great outdoors with this wide range of clothes and accessories! Includes: Megan doll, dress, pair of tights, pair of rain boots, dog, leash, collar with medal, bag of puppy treats, teething bone, ball and comb Doll...

Our Generation Montana Faye House Riding Doll 46cm
Saddle up in style for lots of equestrian adventures with Our Generation 46cm riding doll Montana Faye! She knows that horses aren't just the greatest animals ever - they're loyal pals who are always ready to gallop into adventure! Montana Faye loves all things equestrian, and she shows it with her clothing. She wears her favourite outfit: a bright-blue jumper with a pink horse screen print,...
Our Generation Ollie Skateboarder & Storybook Doll 46cm
Take skateboarding adventures to ultimate heights with Ollie! This Our Generation 46cm doll has beautiful brown eyes that open and close, long, brushable blonde hair, and is posable! She can bend her arms and legs to perform the coolest tricks - kickflips and tailslides are her specialties! Her favourite skateboard features a graffiti-style Our Generation print and really rolls, so Ollie can compete...

Our Generation Palomino Paint Horse 50cm
This beautiful 20-inch toy horse is the perfect size for your 18-inch dolls to ride on, and comes with lots of styling accessories for hours of Hairplay fun! The Palomino Paint Horse has a long, silky blonde mane and tail that are perfect for brushing and styling. The included round-tipped wire brush makes it easy to keep the horse’s long hair tangle-free. Add one of the hair extensions...
Our Generation Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pup 15cm
Class is in session with the Our Generation 15cm Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pup! A soft and friendly puppy student, this dog plush is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed with bendable legs to sit, shake paws, and more to fit your child's play pattern. They can even raise its paw to ask the teacher a question! Prep your loyal pal for a day of learning with the cute school bag, pair of glasses, apple, and...

Our Generation Rabbits & Carrots Outfit for 46cm Dolls
Get baking in playful styles with the Our Generation Rabbits & Carrots outfit for 46cm dolls! Featuring super cute details, this bunny-themed baking outfit will get your doll besties ready to prepare the sweetest treats. Dress your doll in the light-blue dress and add the bunny apron to get started. It's decorated in mini hearts for an extra touch of cuteness! Complete the look with the...
Our Generation Rayna Deluxe Doll 46cm
Deluxe Dolls like Rayna are posable – she bends at the knees and elbows, and also rotates at the neck, shoulders, and hips. Rayna has beautiful warm brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair that is lots of fun to brush and style! She wears a casual outfit featuring a long-sleeved t-shirt with striped sleeves, pale denim pants, and sandals. When it’s time for her to work at the OG Grill to...

Our Generation Rosalia Fashion Doll 46cm
Express your love for all things floral (and fun!) with Rosalia! This Our Generation 46cm doll has a huggable soft body and realistic features, from her beautiful hazel eyes that open and close to her long black hair to style in lots of ways! Pretty roses and flower prints are Rosalia's favourite types of fashion. She arrives wearing a cute dress, floral leggings, and running shoes. She also...
Our Generation Sage Gardening Doll 46cm
Spend time in the sweetest garden with Sage! This Our Generation 46cm doll has dark-brown eyes that open and close, and her long blonde hair is fun to brush and style! Open up Sage's straw tote bag and start working on your beautiful garden. Plant the flower seeds from the 2 pouches with the hand shovel and watch them bloom into beautiful colours! Make the bouquets extra pretty with the pruning...

Our Generation Sweet & Chic Outfit for 46cm Dolls
Give your 46cm doll a taste of fun fashion with the Our Generation Sweet & Chic outfit! This stylish ensemble features a pink long-sleeved dress playfully topped with pretty rhinestones on the collar and a shimmery waistband. Additional accessories like the heart-shaped cookies and dessert cup give your doll bestie a delicious treat everywhere she travels. And the included hair clip adds extra...
Our Generation Tooth Fairy Outfit for 46cm Dolls
Discover fairy tale fun together with your 46cm dolls in the sparkling Our Generation Tooth Fairy outfit! Which of your doll besties have earned their wings? Dress them in the leotard and place the super cute lace cape over top. Then add the ruffle skirt, easily attach the wings, and grab the star wand to turn your bestie into a beautiful tooth fairy – it’s a perfect fit! Search for...

Our Generation Vehicles R.V. Seeing You Camper
Perfect for 18 inch dolls, this is guaranteed to wow on Christmas Day. This trailer will provide your favourites for fun and adventure on the open road. With 24-pieces, the Our Generation R.V. Seeing You Camper provides the dolls with a home on the road, wherever their exploration takes them. Take your cooking on the road! The included trailer hitch connects to Our Generation vehicles like...
Our Generation Daveen Equestrian Doll & Horse 46cmOur Generation Daveen Equestrian Doll & Horse 46cm
Our Generation Daveen Equestrian Doll & Horse 46cm
Explore the countryside with Daveen! This Our Generation 46 cm equestrian doll loves to visit the stables and spend the day horse riding with her sweet foal. She has beautiful brown eyes that open and close, and her long black hair is lots of fun to brush and style! Take great care of Daveen's pony pal with the grooming accessories before it's time to ride. Use the hand brush to groom your horse's...

Our Generation Growing My Way Garden Accessory Set for 46cm DollsOur Generation Growing My Way Garden Accessory Set for 46cm Dolls
Our Generation Growing My Way Garden Accessory Set for 46cm Dolls
Make good things grow with this garden set! Gnome matter what, we follow our dreams! Find everything your dolls need to plant their best ideas and learn all about how things grow with the Our Generation Growing My Way garden accessory set for 18-inch dolls! This miniature doll garden accessory set features all the essentials for caring for pretend plants in your imaginary garden. There's something...
Our Generation Haven Christmas Doll 46cmOur Generation Haven Christmas Doll 46cm
Our Generation Haven Christmas Doll 46cm
Haven thinks that the holidays are so much fun and knows that Our Generation Girls always shine like the brightest star! Our Generation Haven loves to party, whatever the time of year. She sparkles and make a party shine with her vibrant personality - Haven is always on the guest list.Our Generation Haven has found her favourite festive outfit. With this snow-white dress with faux-fur pattern skirt...

Our Generation Isa Cooking Doll & Storybook 46cmOur Generation Isa Cooking Doll & Storybook 46cm
Our Generation Isa Cooking Doll & Storybook 46cm
Order up! Serve up hours of fun! Hot plates coming through! Serve up delicious fun and a whole lot of goodwill and friendship at the Bite to Eat Diner with Our Generation Deluxe 18-inch Doll Isa, a beautiful posable doll with long, wavy, light-brown hair and warm brown eyes.Isa is a posable doll who can bend at the knees and elbows. Her neck, shoulders, and hips rotate and she can be posed in many...
Our Generation Kaelyn Hair Grow Doll & Style Guide 46cm
From brilliant blue streaks to beautiful brunette locks, your hairstyle skills will grow to new lengths with Kaelyn, a beautiful 46 cm Our Generation Hair Play Doll. With her warm brown eyes and her ultra-long, beautifully silky rich brunette hair, its easy to get creative with Kaelyn! Our Generation Hair Play Dolls have long, extendable plaits that can be made longer or shorter with the push of a...
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Our Generation Mane Attraction Horse TrailerOur Generation Mane Attraction Horse Trailer
Our Generation Mane Attraction Horse Trailer
Have horses? We'll travel! We're saddling up for adventure and bringing our favourite pony friends out on the road with the 21-piece Mane Attraction Horse Trailer from Our Generation! This deluxe horse trailer for 46cm dolls has so many fun accessories, you'll see why the word 'neigh' rhymes with 'Yay!'21 piece Horse Trailer Accessory Set for 46cm dollsFits horse and foalHorses, foals, dolls and outfits...
Our Generation Mila Emme Doll 46cmOur Generation Mila Emme Doll 46cm
Our Generation Mila Emme Doll 46cm
Mila loves to spend time outside, your imagination can take you anywhere you like and Mila is definitely on for the ride! Because there has never been a generation like us, we’re doing important things like collecting signatures for charities, spreading love to those around us and caring for the world and all of the cool creatures that live on it. We are having the time of our lives and enjoying...

Our Generation Terry Retro Fashion Doll 46cmOur Generation Terry Retro Fashion Doll 46cm
Our Generation Terry Retro Fashion Doll 46cm
Retro fashion has never looked cuter than it does on Our Generation doll Terry! From the stands at the stadium to the sock hop, Terry is ready to bop till she drops! This beautiful 46 cm doll is part of the Our Generation Retro Collection and has tons of fabulous charm. Terry has blue eyes that open and close, and her long, straight blonde hair is lots of fun to brush and style. Terry shows her OG...