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Responsible Retailing

Downtown are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment.

We are serious about delivering quality products to our customers in a way that adds value and reduces environmental impact. We are always looking to improve, from our department stores, warehouses, and our offices. We recycle 70 tonnes of cardboard and 8 tonnes of plastic.

Take a look at some of the actions we are taking below, from the products we sell to the packaging we use.

Sustainable Products


Re-usable Paper Bags

Downtown are proud to stock sustainable, eco-friendly products including Chilly's Bottles and recycled furniture. 

We recycle cardboard, plastic and polystyrene including 8000 clothes hangers per week. 

Our packaging is a starch based biodegradable, eco-friendly and compostable loosefill that can be safely placed in landfill and will degrade over time.

Eco-friendly Loose Fill

Hangers Recycled

FSC Certified Packaging