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Leaf Blowers

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Bosch UniversalGardenTidy 2300 Electric Leaf BlowerBosch UniversalGardenTidy 2300 Electric Leaf Blower
Bosch UniversalGardenTidy 2300 Electric Leaf Blower
Versatile garden clearing without disturbing the neighbours. The UniversalGardenTidy is the 3-in-1 solution for efficiently clearing garden debris. This versatile ProSilence gardening tool reduces the sound power level by up to 75%, producing an exceptionally low noise level of 99 dB (A). Blowing, vacuuming, shredding switching between modes is fast and easy. Moisture-repellent Dirt Deflectors...
Webb WEBPB33 33cc Petrol Backpack Blower
Webb WEBPB33 33cc Petrol Backpack Blower
The Webb BPB33 33cc Petrol Backpack Blower has a powerful 2 stroke engine offering you the freedom to move around without the restriction of cords. This blower makes quick work of garden chores with its 179 mph blowing speed. Fitted with a high-standard Walbro carburettor and Champion spark plug this backpack is durable and reliable.The Cruise Control function means there’s no need to keep the...

Gardena Blower Powerjet 18V P4A SoloGardena Blower Powerjet 18V P4A Solo
Gardena Blower Powerjet 18V P4A Solo
Powerful, lightweight & convenient: Anytime, Anywhere - the GARDENA Battery Blower PowerJet P4A The PowerJet 18V P4A from GARDENA is a battery powered blower that allows you to tidy up the garden flexibly, quickly and effectively. This versatile product is ideal for use in the garden and around the house. The PowerJet is compatible with all battery systems from the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Depending...
Flymo PowerVac 3000 BlowerFlymo PowerVac 3000 Blower
Flymo PowerVac 3000 Blower
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 3000W Power Vac 3000 has a blow speed of 310km/h. With a collection capacity of 45 litres and a shredding ratio of 16:1, leaves are no task for this blower vac. Weighing only 4.8kg in blow mode, the Power Vac 3000 also features a powerful fan.FeaturesShreds LeavesShredding leaves as they are collected, the Jet Vacuum feature is perfect for picking up even wet leaves,...

Stihl BGA 57 Boxset (1 x shell, 1 x AK20 Battery, 1 x AL101 Charger)Stihl BGA 57 Boxset (1 x shell, 1 x AK20 Battery, 1 x AL101 Charger)
Stihl BGA 57 Boxset (1 x shell, 1 x AK20 Battery, 1 x AL101 Charger)
Well balanced and quiet cordless blower with an ergonomic design for comfortable and effortless work.For use in residential areas to gather leaves, grass, paper and other waste into piles.Set includes BGA 57 blower, AK20 battery and AL101 charger.Round nozzleSoft handleThree-setting, length-adjustable blower tube that can be adapted to match the user's sizeWorking time with AK20 battery is up to 22...
Olympia Tools X20S Cordless Leaf Blower
The Olympia Power Tools X20S Cordless Blower is perfect for hard surface sweeping such as decks, patios and driveways. It's powerful motor and variable speed settings allow the user to choose the power output for controlled leaf blowing. Designed to be compact and lightweight with ultimate cordless convenience, the 20V Cordless Blower makes quick work of clearing jobs. Key Features: 1...

EGO LBP8000E 1360m3/h Backpack Blower Tool OnlyEGO LBP8000E 1360m3/h Backpack Blower Tool Only
EGO LBP8000E 1360m3/h Backpack Blower Tool Only
Our first leaf blower to feature Peak Power technology for longer runtimes and greater blowing force. With two battery ports, this blower can combine the power of any two ARC Lithium batteries. The ergonomically designed handle houses the speed trigger and trigger lock as well as an LCD display screen showing real time operating status and battery fuel gauge. The LBP8000E also has a large motor which...
RRP £429£379
EGO LB5804E 986m3/h Blower KitEGO LB5804E 986m3/h Blower Kit
EGO LB5804E 986m3/h Blower Kit
Powered by a fully-charged 5.0Ah battery (as provided in this kit), you can enjoy run times up to 200 minutes plenty of time to get your tasks done.The variable speed thumb selector is perfectly placed for you to be able to ramp up the power when you need and using the boost button it provides a 986m3/h output.Our LB5800E blower is powerful, significantly quieter than petrol-powered equivalents, and...
RRP £439£419

Yard Force - LB C20B - 2x20V 4.0ah Cordless Blower VacYard Force - LB C20B - 2x20V 4.0ah Cordless Blower Vac
Yard Force - LB C20B - 2x20V 4.0ah Cordless Blower Vac
The Yard Force 40V Cordless Blower/Vacuum LB C20B is a versatile, 3-in-1 tool, providing powerful blowing, vacuuming and mulching for leaf and garden waste ideal for tidying your garden all-year-round.Wheels for extra supportThe wheels provide extra stability and support when moving the blower vac around the garden, making it easier to clean areas quickly.3-in 1 function3-in-1 function easily switches...
Greenworks GWG24X2ABK2X 48V (2 X 24V) Axial Blower With Batteries & ChargerGreenworks GWG24X2ABK2X 48V (2 X 24V) Axial Blower With Batteries & Charger
Greenworks GWG24X2ABK2X 48V (2 X 24V) Axial Blower With Batteries & Charger
The Greenworks 48V Axial Leaf Blower with two 24V 2Ah Batteries and Charger (GWG24X2ABK2X) is a new addition to the Greenworks 48V range. This cordless leaf blower has an impressive maximum airspeed of 159km/h yet it weighs only 3kg. Greenworks cordless machines are a popular choice for gardeners who want the power of petrol without noise, fumes and hassle.The cruise control and variable speed features...

EGO LB6000E Backpack Blower (Unit Only)EGO LB6000E Backpack Blower (Unit Only)
EGO LB6000E Backpack Blower (Unit Only)
Part of Ego's Professional range, the LB6000E is the perfect addition to your arsenal of EGO Power+ products, or a great place to start your battery powered journey. The high-powered brushless motor enables high air volume and air speed, which allows you to take on any sized task.The comfortable harness system works in tandem with the flexible bellows tube to ensure greater movement and ease of use....
RRP £279£249
EGO LB5300E Blower (Unit Only)EGO LB5300E Blower (Unit Only)
EGO LB5300E Blower (Unit Only)
The LB5300E is a great addition to your home garden needs. Featuring variable speed control, the high-efficiency brushless motor combines with jet turbine technology to allow effective clearing of leaves, gutters and even blowing excess grass off your lawn mower.The Turbo Boost feature puts out 900m3 of air per hour, meaning small and medium sized gardens are perfect for the LB5300E Blower. You won’t...
RRP £169£159

Stihl SHE 71 Electric Blower/Vacuum
Stihl SHE 71 Electric Blower/Vacuum
The SHE 71 is a low noise, electric vacuum shredder, allowing you the versatility of blowing, collecting and shredding material in one machine. Despite its light weight the SHE 71 blower unit operates powerfully but quietly. Attach the Vac-Kit and the integrated turbo wheel shreds dry leaves, while the catcher bag serves as an effective dust filter. In this mode debris is easily removed from even the...
Mcculloch GBV 322VX Petrol Blower
Ideal for frequent use the GBV 322VX is a 26cc petrol powered blower that has an power output of 0.8kW and capable of blow speeds up to 370km/h. The GBV 322VX is equipped with a vac bag capacity of 45 litres. Weighing only 4.5kg this petrol blower also features Sure Fire Start, mulching feature, soft grip handles, cruise control, concentrator nozzle, easy to attach tubes and full anti-vibration system.FeaturesVX...
£199.99 £169.99

EGO LB6002E 56V Backpack Leaf BlowerEGO LB6002E 56V Backpack Leaf Blower
EGO LB6002E 56V Backpack Leaf Blower
For big clean-up operations that need big power, the EGO LB6002E battery-powered backpack blower really packs a punch.The EGO leaf blower employs a 56 volt ARC lithium battery with 40% more power than the leading 40 volt battery, which delivers the performance of petrol without the noise, fuss and fumes. The smooth, high efficiency brushless motor significantly reduces vibration compared to its petrol-powered...
RRP £509£499
Stihl BGA45 Cordless Blower
Stihl BGA45 Cordless Blower
The STIHL BGA45 is an easily manoeuvrable cordless blower for cleaning small outdoor areas at home. With a soft handle with lever lock function and lever, the user always has the cordless blower safely under control. The integrated battery cells mean that the tool is optimally balanced. Easy to handle, the streamlined design creates plenty of room for manoeuvre.The remaining working or charging time...

Stihl BGA 86 Cordless Blower ShellStihl BGA 86 Cordless Blower Shell
Stihl BGA 86 Cordless Blower Shell
Very powerful, easy to use and comfortable to operate cordless blower. Perfect for professional use in large, urban areas. For removing leaves and dirt. 50% more blowing power than the BGA 85 and with a reduced weight.Round nozzleSoft handleThree-setting length-adjustable blower tubeWorking time with recommended AP 300 battery is up to 21 minutesThe BGA 86 is part of the Stihl PRO Cordless range of...
Mcculloch GB 355BP Petrol Blower
Ideal for demanding tasks the GB 355 BP is a 46cc petrol powered blower that has an power output of 1.5kW and capable of blow speeds up to 355km/h. The GB 355 BP is equipped with a back pack harness to provide the user with the upmost comfort during prolonged use. Weighing only 9.2kg this petrol blower also features variable blow speeds, cruise control, adjustable handle position and easy to attach...
£254.99 £216.74

Webb WEEBV2800 160mph Electric Garden Blower & VacuumWebb WEEBV2800 160mph Electric Garden Blower & Vacuum
Webb WEEBV2800 160mph Electric Garden Blower & Vacuum
Webb are a UK based brand with over 80 years of experience in garden machinery, and the WEEBV2800 is a cleaning tool which combines leaf blower functionality with a garden vacuum and integrated shredder. Powered by mains electricity, a 1300 watt motor provides a maximum air speed of 260 km/h in blower mode and 14cbm of suction in vaccum mode. Once leaves are sucked up into the machine, the shredder...
EGO LB6000E-K1103 Backpack Blower & Charger
EGO LB6000E-K1103 Backpack Blower & Charger
Our highest-spec kit for this blower is supplied by a 10.0Ah battery which will allow you up to 240 minutes of run time. The rapid charger which is also included in the kit will charge this high capacity battery in just 70 minutes. Perfect for those who need a little longer to clear leaves in large outdoor spaces. A massive 1220m3/h of air (over 30mph!) can be achieved whilst in boost mode, making...
RRP £679£659

EGO LB7650E 1300m3/h Blower Tool OnlyEGO LB7650E 1300m3/h Blower Tool Only
EGO LB7650E 1300m3/h Blower Tool Only
Prepare to be blown away by our LB7650E cordless blower. Featuring speed boost which will provide you with 1300 m3/h output when engaged, a large blowing tube which can be fitted with our AN6000R (Round) or AN6000F (Flat) nozzles both of which are included in the price. The leaf blower with no bark, but plenty of bite. Clear your gardens, paths, driveways, decks just about everything, and in no time...
RRP £259£229
EGO EGLB5301EKIT Blower 16N Force Complete KitEGO EGLB5301EKIT Blower 16N Force Complete Kit
EGO EGLB5301EKIT Blower 16N Force Complete Kit
Our handheld blower kit includes a 2.5Ah battery and standard charger will allow you up to 75 minutes run time including variable speed settings, meaning you can increase the power as and when you need.Included in the box is the flat nozzle which condenses airflow, enabling you to tackle even the biggest of leaf walls with even more precision. With Turbo Boost, you can enjoy 900m3 of air per hour,...
RRP £279£269

EGO LBX6000 Professional-X Backpack Blower AttachmentEGO LBX6000 Professional-X Backpack Blower Attachment
EGO LBX6000 Professional-X Backpack Blower Attachment
Setting a new standard in outdoor blowers, the EGO Power+ LBX6000 is the most powerful hand-held blower on the market and suitable for commercial use.With the ability to blow over 1014 cubic metres of air per hour on 'turbo boost' mode, and delivering more blowing time, more comfort and more power than petrol, leaves simply don't stand a chance.The LBX6000 is designed to be used in conjunction with...
RRP £329£299
EGO Power+ LB5800E BlowerEGO Power+ LB5800E Blower
EGO Power+ LB5800E Blower
The EGO Power+ battery powered blower is perfect for wider areas and large gardens. It’s supplied with Round and Flat nozzles so you can equip which one suits your needs. With 986m3/h air on Turbo Boost, you can be sure whichever nozzle you use, it will be backed with petrol-matching power.Not only does making the switch to battery power positively impact the environment, but it’s also...
RRP £219£199

Q Garden 3000W Blower & Vacuum With WheelsQ Garden 3000W Blower & Vacuum With Wheels
Q Garden 3000W Blower & Vacuum With Wheels
The Q Garden electric leaf blower vacuum QGBV3000 is a powerful but lightweight electric leaf blower vacuum with a 3000 watt electric motor.With a maximum airspeed of 270km/h, it will clear away leaves and debris from your lawn, drive and borders.When you have blown your leaves into a heap, simply adjust the leaver on the side of the Q Garden QGBV3000 to change it from blow to vacuum mode. With a 45-litre...

At Downtown we have a wide range of affordable cordless, electric and petrol leaf blowers and garden vacs that are designed to help you keep your garden tidy throughout the autumn and winter months. 

A garden blow vac is an extremely useful garden tool for tackling even the most challenging of tasks when it comes to clearing fallen leaves and light garden debris. Many models now combine both blow and vacuum functions for even more flexibility. You will also find that models may also shred any fallen leaves and small twigs ready for composting. It is important to clear these leaves because not only will they block light but they can also harbour diseases and insects that can affect the health of your lawn.

It is however important to remember that leaf blowers and blow vacs are not designed to pick up any stones or twigs as they will damage your machine. If you're picking up leaves from a stony or pebbled area such as a driveway or soil, make sure you first blow your leaves onto grass before you vacuum them up.

Before you buy your blow vac, there is a few questions that you will want to consider first. 

How big is your Garden? - One of the most important questions is how big your garden is and essential how much work you'll need your leaf blower to do. If you have a small garden, then a lightweight electric or cordless blow vac will suit you best. If purchasing an electric model, consider the length of the cable and whether this will comfortably reach your entire garden.

For larger gardens and any remote working, a petrol leaf blower may be the best choice. They provide more power than their electric counterparts and can also be used at any distance from a power source. Many petrol leaf blowers are backpack models that put the bulb of the weight onto your back with padded shoulder straps. This is ideal for the larger powerful models.

What functions do you need? - In their simplest form, you will find leaf blowers will clear areas of your garden using a strong jet of air - blowing leaves into areas where they can be transferred to compost bins or disposed of. However, some modern models now offer shredding and vacuum functions that make tidying areas of your garden even easier - however these can be more expensive.

What's more, you can also view our range in person at our Downtown Garden Centre - although you will not be able to test them out on the shop floor!