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Chefn Mini Salt & Pepper SetChefn Mini Salt & Pepper Set
Chefn Mini Salt & Pepper Set
One Mini Magnetic PepperBall. One Mini Magnetic SaltBall. A match made in heaven. Its no secret that freshly ground salt and pepper tastes a whole lot better than the pre-ground stuff. Enjoy easy-peasy, fresh seasoning with this cute little PepperBall and SaltBall set, by Chefn. Small but mighty, these grinders are ideal for small spaces and mobile kitchens. Stick them to any metal surface using their...
Chefn Pepperball GrinderChefn Pepperball Grinder
Chefn Pepperball Grinder
Put that pepper shaker down! Its no secret that freshly ground pepper tastes better than that pre-ground stuff. Enjoy easy-peasy, freshly ground peppercorns with this handy pre-filled PepperBall by Chefn. The PepperBall is designed to be used one-handed, for easy seasoning at the table or stove. Simply choose your desired coarseness using the slider on the base, then give the handles a squeeze to season....

Chefn 2-In-1 Citrus JuicerChefn 2-In-1 Citrus Juicer
Chefn 2-In-1 Citrus Juicer
Enjoy quick, mess-free juicing anytime with the Juicester Jr. Meet Juicester Jr., the smallest, most convenient and compact juicer from Chef'n yet. Two reamers and a clearly marked measurement cup make this mini juicer perfect for adding a dash (or glug) of citrus freshness to any recipe or drink. Whether its lime for margaritas or lemon for meringue pies, the deep-ridged reamers extract maximum juice...
Chefn Egg PoacherChefn Egg Poacher
Chefn Egg Poacher
Introducing Yolkster - the serious egg poaching gadget with a fun name! Poaching eggs that come out with light, fluffy egg whites and soft, gooey yolks is tough, right? Well... not anymore. Yolkster is the clever egg gadget that'll perfect your poaching. Simply submerge this single egg poacher in a pan of simmering water and add your egg. The mesh basket lets water circulate round the egg, so it poaches...

Chefn Garlic Press Storage MachineChefn Garlic Press Storage Machine
Chefn Garlic Press Storage Machine
Don't mince words, mince garlic with the classic GarlicMachine. The GarlicMachine was the first Chefn product, launched back in 1982. Now its back with an improved design, to make it easier than ever to mince and store garlic. This classic gadget can mince multiple cloves at once, and uses an easy twisting action, rather than brute-force squeezing. A built-in cutting edge releases the crushed garlic,...
Chefn Sleek Slice Folding MandolineChefn Sleek Slice Folding Mandoline
Chefn Sleek Slice Folding Mandoline
SleekSlice Collapsible Mandoline is the latest version of the original handheld mandoline.With 6 thickness settings, an adjustable handle and a comfortable pronged pusher, SleekSlice makes fresh prep quick and precise. When you are finished, fold the handles for compact storage.Folds easy for storage.Hand guard protects hands.Convenient countertop slicing.

Chefn StemGem Strawberry HullerChefn StemGem Strawberry Huller
Chefn StemGem Strawberry Huller
Adorable and simple to use, the Stem Gem strawberry-stem remover will appeal to both children and kitchen-gadget fiends alike.Unique design hulls strawberries effortlessly.Simple to use push button mechanism.Fun strawberry design is easy to find in drawer.Top rack dishwasher safe.