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Chudleys Classic Dog Food - 14kgChudleys Classic Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Classic Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Classic offers all the experience of Original, but in a crunchy extruded format.Chudleys Classic is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of the working and sporting dog, and can also be fed during periods of rest or reduced work.Now containing extra chicken, Chudleys Classic is coated in a delicious savoury flavour for additional palatability and taste.Chudleys Classic now has an...
Chudleys Original Dog Food - 14kgChudleys Original Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Original Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Original is a well-known best seller in the sporting/working dog world; an appetising muesli ration, designed and manufactured for working and sporting dogs that can also be fed during periods of rest or reduced work.Now with extra chicken, Chudleys Original has a savoury flavoured coating to make a deliciously tasty ration.Providing a varied textured meal, Chudleys Original is ideal for fussy...

Chudleys Puppy/Junior Dog Food - 12kgChudleys Puppy/Junior Dog Food - 12kg
Chudleys Puppy/Junior Dog Food - 12kg
Wheat gluten free recipe, rich in chicken and duck.Nutrients to help support neural development and function.Natural antioxidant and herb package for health and well-being.Prebiotics to help support gut health development.Suitable for all sizes of working breeds of dogs
Chudleys Senior Dog Food - 14kgChudleys Senior Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Senior Dog Food - 14kg
An ideal and tasty choice for your older dogs nutrition which contains ingredients and nutrients to help support mobility, and prebiotics, support for the digestive system.A coat condition supplement for a healthy shineManufactured to a fixed recipe for ultimate consistency as demanded by discerning dog ownersDesigned specifically to help to try and offset the effects and symptoms of ageing.Contains...

Chudleys Working Crunch Dog Food - 14kgChudleys Working Crunch Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Working Crunch Dog Food - 14kg
Working Crunch is the ideal option for highly active dogs or gundogs needing to fuel a higher workload. The diet is formulated with increased protein inclusion for muscle recovery and strength, along with enhanced fat levels to maintain stamina when on the go. Working Crunch is packed with enhanced vitamins, amino acids, and trace nutrients which synergistically support a dog’s immunity, digestion,...