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Creative Products Leg PillowCreative Products Leg Pillow
Creative Products Leg Pillow
Creative Products Leg Pillow is the ergonomically designed tapered leg pillow that naturally fits the contours of your legs, knees and thighs to help support your spine and provide a good night’s sleep.Aligning, cushioning and cradling your hips while you sleep, giving you posture-friendly support and removing stress and pressure from hips, knees and your lower spine.It s designed to sit comfortably...
Creative Products Fly Away Insect Repeller
A great way to be able to keep the flies from your food, simply place this device near the plates and the spinning blades will keep the flies away.Key Features:Fly Away is a safe and environmentally friendly device for keeping flies off food.The soft flexible blades rotate quietly and they are completely safe to touch.Reach over for food and the blades will stop.An on off switch is located at the bottom...
RRP £9.99£9.99 £8.99

Creative Products Telescopic Paving Brush SetCreative Products Telescopic Paving Brush Set
Creative Products Telescopic Paving Brush Set
With tough steel bristles, a wide brush for sweeping and narrow brush with scraper, this Paving Brush Set is perfect for removing moss, algae and weeds from your driveway, paving and decking with ease. The telescopic design of the Telescopic Paving Brush Set boasts an adjustable 1.4m handle to allow you to achieve a comfortable position and eliminate the need for bending over.