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Which floorcare device is right for you?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Traditionally the most popular type of vacuum cleaner, an upright vacuum is powerful and can pick up the majority of objects in your carpet using brush combes. They are more suitable for those with lower back pain as less bending down is required due to their size. Suitable for large areas with a generally larger capacity than others, but therefore larger and heavier.

Cylinder Vacuums

The more compact cylinder vacuum cleaners are commonly used on stairs and furniture. They have a smaller capacity than upright vacuums but can perform well due to their higher wattage. Cylinder cleaners are generally easier to manoeuvre around the home and reach tighter spaces, therefore making them a good choice for smaller homes.

Portable & Cordless Vacuums

The lightweight portable vacuum cleaner is perfect for use all over the home, moving seamlessly from one room to another. They require charging after each use and have a smaller capacity, but their accessibility and ease of use makes them a great choice for a quick clean or compact area, as well as being easy to store.

Bagged vs Bagless

A bagged vacuum cleaner will usually have a larger capacity as all of the dirt and dust is collected into a bag, to be thrown away once full. However, these require new bags regularly. Bagless vacuum cleaners suck dust directly into the chamber which you can empty directly into your bin. You will find that cordless cleaners are more likely to be bagless.

What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

Whether you have a small flat to clean or an expansive home, it won't clean itself. That is why we have a small guide to the best vacuum cleaner to buy for your needs. The market has been constantly changing in the last decade, with people tending to purchase cordless, battery powered vacuum cleaners. Manufacturers are now moving with this trend and focusing on more 'modern' varieties. 

The answer to what vacuum cleaner to buy is a complicated one. Generally, upright vacuum cleaners are the most powerful and suitable for larger areas. However, these are usually corded, have a generous built-in bag, and are therefore heavier and larger. At Downtown we would recommend an upright vacuum cleaner if you have a wide variety of surfaces to clean such as hard floors, suffer from any sort of back pain or have an extremely large area to cover.

Some may choose a cylinder vacuum cleaner due to their variety of attachments. Cylinders are intended for use on furniture or stairs. They are more compact and can be carried easily, as well as being dismantled after use. They are usually also corded, meaning they must be within a certain distance of a plug socket.

As mentioned, most manufacturers are now moving towards cordless vacuum cleaners. Perfect for portable, mobile use around the home, you can easily clean one area and move to another. The downside of a smaller capacity is balanced by their high power levels, easy storage, multiple attachments and ease of use. Most also come with a docking station so they can be charged handily out of the way whilst not in use. 

All our vacuum cleaners can be delivered nationwide. To check any stock levels or for more information on any vacuum cleaning technology, please get in touch with us.