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Schleich Polar PlaygroundSchleich Polar Playground
Schleich Polar Playground
The two polar bears in the Schleich? WILD LIFE Polar Playground have lots of fun on their ice floe: They hop and jump around wildly! Oh no!!! One of the polar bears ventured too close to the edge and fell in the water! Just as well that the friendly narwal is swimming around in the water nearby. It swims over right away to help the little polar bear back onto the ice floe! Contents: 2x Polar Bear...
Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex AttackSchleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Attack
Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Attack
Can Flynn protect Steggy the little stegosaurus from the dangerous T-Rex? Wild dinos are quickly subdued with the pole-arm.Contents: 1x Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1x Researcher Flynn, 1x Staff Weapon, 1x Baby StegosaurusFor Ages 4yrs+