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The Darlac Tool Company was founded in 1963, and since then has built a reputation for quality, service, and value for money. After years of new and innovative product introduction, with many ideas suggested by consumers at garden shows throughout the country, Darlac now have one of the widest ranges of cutting tools, hand tools, and watering equipment available to the gardener today – all backed by a dedication to quality.

The company has been based in the Slough area since inception and recently became part of Mr Fothergill’s Seeds – another great British, family owned gardening company. The watchwords of the company are “quality at affordable prices” and Darlac are constantly winning “Best Buy” and “Best Value for Money” awards in the consumer press.


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Darlac Folding SawDarlac Folding Saw
Darlac Folding Saw
This saw has a unique tooth pattern that glides through wet or dry wood creating an ultra clean finish. Ideal for gardening, D.I.Y or camping. Cuts through live wood without clogging. A smooth clean cut will shed water therefore is far less likely to fall foul of disease and ‘die back’. Slices through prepared timber just as effectively with the same clean cut, meaning less sanding and...
Darlac Hand Bulb PlanterDarlac Hand Bulb Planter
Darlac Hand Bulb Planter
With an easy eject handle this Bulb Planter is perfect for planting bulbs, bedding plants and potatoes. The depth gauge on the side does away with guess work when planting bulbs. The core is discharged when the spring loaded handle is released. The base is serrated for easy insertion into the ground.Depth gaugeEasy eject button on handleLength; 24cmWeight; 353g

Darlac Harvest & Asparagus KnifeDarlac Harvest & Asparagus Knife
Darlac Harvest & Asparagus Knife
A razor sharp scalloped stainless steel blade and a chunky handle for a great grip. This knife is specially designed to crop asparagus, slice off cabbages, lettuces and trim leeks, celery etc – effortlessly and cleanly. It is an invaluable tool to the kitchen gardener, who will find many other uses for it around the garden. AN AWARD WINNER.Razor sharp scalloped stainless steel blade.For harvesting...
Darlac Mini Pocket Folding Saw
Darlac Mini Pocket Folding Saw
A compact little saw, small enough to be tucked away in your gardening bag or pocket, ready to use when the task requires more than a pair of secateurs. Multi-purpose, can be used for pruning, carpentry and cutting P.V.C. pipe. Useful for scouting and camping too. The saw only cuts on the backward stroke, a light pressure as you pull back is all that’s required. Suitable for right or left handed...

Darlac Pruning SawDarlac Pruning Saw
Darlac Pruning Saw
Made from Japanese carbon steel with Precision Ground Tri-edge Teeth. The razor sharp teeth are made to an exacting standard and each is uniformly precise, for unrivalled performance. With ergonomic plastic handles with non-slippery grips, they are designed for a comfortable yet solid grip.Japanese carbon steel with razor sharp tri-edge teeth.Cut capacity; 100mmLength; 44cmWeight; 144g
Darlac SickleDarlac Sickle
Darlac Sickle
An aluminium handle with a solid rubber grip and a razor-sharp carbon steel blade which is resharpenable. Cut with a slicing rather than hacking action pulling back on the handle at the end of a swing. For clearing nettles, thistles, briars, undergrowth and vegetation. USE EXTREME CARE when working with sharp objects. AN AWARD WINNERAluminium handles,Razor sharp carbon steel blade.Length; 60cmWeight;...

Darlac Softies ScissorsDarlac Softies Scissors
Darlac Softies Scissors
Softies Scissors are a real general-purpose scissor with many uses in the home and garden. Over the years they have become a firm favourite with gardeners and flower arrangers. In the garden they can be used for cutting flowers, herbs, plant ties, and twine, even light pruning. An ideal tool for Flower Arrangers as the large, pliable grips mould comfortably to the hand in prolonged use. The blades...
Darlac Stainless Steel 5 In 1 TrowelDarlac Stainless Steel 5 In 1 Trowel
Darlac Stainless Steel 5 In 1 Trowel
This versatile tool has five diverse applications. Use forked end for lifting weeds, the honed edge for easing plants out of pots and the saw edge to cut through small roots. There is also a string cutting notch and a compost bag cutter. For use in cultivated soil only.A versatile tool with 5 diverse actions; saw, string cutter, depth marker, weed lifter and bag cutterLength; 35cmWeight; 175g

Darlac Stainless Steel Garden TrowelDarlac Stainless Steel Garden Trowel
Darlac Stainless Steel Garden Trowel
A solid general purpose trowel. This hand trowel is crafted from high quality stainless steel with a comfortable, ergonomic rubber handle. Marked with depth guage for accurate planting, with a hanging hole in handle for easy storage, its AN AWARD WINNER.For general potting and gardeningLength; 36cmWeight; 277g
Darlac Stainless Steel Hand Fork
Darlac Stainless Steel Hand Fork
For working in flower beds and borders and all cultivated soil. This hand fork is made from high quality stainless steel with a comfortable, ergonomic rubber handle. With a hanging hole in handle for easy storage its AN AWARD WINNER.For weeding in cultivated soil and general gardeningLength; 34.5cmWeight; 233g

Darlac Stainless Steel Rockery Trowel
Darlac Stainless Steel Rockery Trowel
This slim trowel is perfect for container gardening, rockeries, pots and other confined spaces. It has a depth guage marker for accurate planting. Made from high quality stainless steel with a comfortable, ergonomic rubber handle and a hanging hole in handle for easy storage.For working in flower beds, rockery and potsLength; 35cmWeight; 181g
Darlac Adjustable Bypass SecateursDarlac Adjustable Bypass Secateurs
Darlac Adjustable Bypass Secateurs
Simply swing the adjusting lever to create a hand span suitable for you - Can be re-adjusted for other users. The loop handle gives greater control and protection whilst inside the handle is a stem crusher and thorn stripper. The wrist loop helps to prevent dropping or loosing the tool, and the safety catch is both positive and easy to use with a simple squeeze of the handle and then move it back with...

Darlac Classic ShearDarlac Classic Shear
Darlac Classic Shear
This is a very popular shear, comfortable in use and suitable for grass and hedge trimming. Ergonomic, with slightly raised handles, high carbon steel blades and comfortable grips, its wonderfully light and weighs just 554 grams making it a pleasure to use.Includes a tension adjuster and easy locking mechanism.High carbon steel bladesSoft grip ergonomic handles for greater comfort. Overall length:...
Darlac Coarse Diamond SharpenerDarlac Coarse Diamond Sharpener
Darlac Coarse Diamond Sharpener
Create the ultimate edge on garden and workshop tools. With approximately 52 billion Diamond particles per square inch, these sharpeners continue working even when they “smooth out”, exposing more sharpening edges to keep tools in like-new condition. The Coarse Diamond Sharpener is for use on heavier steel such as Hedging shears, Lawnmower blades, Axes and preparing very blunt tools before...

Darlac Compact Anvil SecateursDarlac Compact Anvil Secateurs
Darlac Compact Anvil Secateurs
Choose an anvil pruner when the work to be done is hard or dry. This pocket sized pruner has a Japanese carbon steel blade, is chrome armoured for rust resistance and is easily sharpened. The catch may be operated single handed against the body leaving the other hand free. The slim handles have soft non-slip grips for comfort. This pruner is a great size for small hands. Sharpen with a Fine Diamond...
Darlac Compact Plus SecateursDarlac Compact Plus Secateurs
Darlac Compact Plus Secateurs
A popular bypass action secateur for general pruning. Slightly larger than the DP40 Compact Pruner with a greater cut capacity. These pruners are particularly suitable for fine pruning, flower arranging etc. Made from high carbon Japanese steel, the precision ground blade is hard chrome plated for rust resistance. Simple and effective safety catch.Constructed from high carbon Japanese SK5 steel.Cut...

Darlac Compact SecateursDarlac Compact Secateurs
Darlac Compact Secateurs
A lightweight bypass action pruner for general pruning. Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet as strong as larger equivalents. These pruners are great for fine or delicate pruning and flower arranging. Made from high carbon Japanese tool steel, the precision ground blade is hard chrome plated for rust resistance. Simple and effective safety catch.Comfortable non-slip grip handles.Constructed from...
Darlac Compact ShearDarlac Compact Shear
Darlac Compact Shear
Longer, broader blades than the Snips allowing heavier growth to be dealt with. Precision tensioned blades give a clean cut every time. The SK5 Japanese carbon steel blades are chrome armoured for rust resistance and easily sharpened using a fine grade Diamond Sharpener (sold separately and not included). The contoured handles have a soft non-slip covering for comfort and safety. The easy to use catch...

Darlac Compact Snips
Darlac Compact Snips
These long, narrow, Japanese SK5 high carbon steel blades are rust resistant. Suitable for fine and delicate pruning and perfect for floral art. Great for working with Bonsai, Sweet Peas and Fuchsias. The contoured handles have a comfortable non-slip grip and are ideal for the smaller hand . Simple and effective safety catch can be operated single handedly. A very popular product. AN AWARD WINNER no...
Darlac Compound Action SecateursDarlac Compound Action Secateurs
Darlac Compound Action Secateurs
This pruner has a unique lever action providing noticable additional cutting power. The lever action increases user capability, even when growth is tough. The carbon steel blade is not only coated for rust resistance and friction reduction, but also easily sharpened when necessary using our Award Winning DP100 Diamond Sharpener Fine grade (sold separately and not included). The handles have soft TPR...

Darlac Cut-N-Hold Flower SnipDarlac Cut-N-Hold Flower Snip
Darlac Cut-N-Hold Flower Snip
Use for gathering flowers to display or deadheading when blooms have faded. The grippers are self-adjusting to accommodate varies sizes of stems. The stem crusher eliminates the necessity to “bash” the stems when arranging. Fine pointed blades will cut even the finest stem. The catch folds neatly inside the handle. These comfortable soft feel grips are wonderful for cutting and holding...
Darlac Cut-N-Hold Stainless Steel SecateursDarlac Cut-N-Hold Stainless Steel Secateurs
Darlac Cut-N-Hold Stainless Steel Secateurs
The Stainless-Steel Cut-N-Hold Bypass Pruner is perfect for deadheading or collecting flowers for the home. Easy to use – simply keep the gripper part of the blade towards the flower, cut, and hold the pruner closed to retrieve. Use for collecting flowers, fruit, deadheading etc. The gripper is self-adjusting and suitable for most live growth up to 15mm diameter. Great for pruning prickly growth...

Darlac Deadheading SnipDarlac Deadheading Snip
Darlac Deadheading Snip
Deadheading Snips are lightweight and pocket sized. Suitable for flower arranging, deadheading, trimming house plants and gathering herbs. For single-hand use, this nifty little tool will sit in the palm of the hand whilst performing other tasks. Simple and effective safety catch. Always use safety cover provided when storing in a pocket.Lightweight and pocket sizedFor deadheading and trimming.Cut...
Darlac Ergo SnipsDarlac Ergo Snips
Darlac Ergo Snips
These Ergo snips are super comfortable to use and a must have for getting your garden spic and span!Ergonomic handles with support pillar for extra comfort.For deadheading, flower arranging and thinning out.Length; 17cmWeight; 101g

Darlac Expert Bypass SecateursDarlac Expert Bypass Secateurs
Darlac Expert Bypass Secateurs
A top of the range ergonomically designed pruner of exceptional quality. Unlike most pruners with a large cut capacity, this one has slim profile handles, offering greater comfort even for small hands. Drop forged for strength and durability with replaceable parts available. They feature extra deep sap groove and SK5 carbon steel blade for a razor sharp edge. Incorporating a wire cutting notch and...
Darlac Expert Drop Forged SecateursDarlac Expert Drop Forged Secateurs
Darlac Expert Drop Forged Secateurs
The Expert Range of products represents exceptional quality and technical excellence. The DP1036 Expert Bypass Pruner has a drop forged blade and drop forged aluminium handles, making it one of the most robust available. It has a dual position catch, allowing the span of the handles to be adjusted to suit small and large hands. With a maximum cut size of 25mm, the blade is also replaceable so you're...

Darlac Expert Leather HolsterDarlac Expert Leather Holster
Darlac Expert Leather Holster
This Holster is superbly crafted from hide, stitched and riveted for strength and durability. Unlike most, it can be worn on a belt – by passing the belt through the slots. If no belt is worn it can be clipped over the waistband. Suitable for most types of pruners.Crafted from hide, stitched and riveted for strengthPruners not included
Darlac Expert Topiary ShearDarlac Expert Topiary Shear
Darlac Expert Topiary Shear
Expert Topiary Shear takes the best of an age old design and makes it better! These shears can be used single handed, they are lightweight and easy to use with an ultra-smooth cutting action not normally associated with topiary shears. The blades are SK5 carbon steel, and are easily sharpened or replaced if necessary. The replaceable spring gives this shear an easy and reliable function. Use for topiary...

Darlac Fine Diamond SharpenerDarlac Fine Diamond Sharpener
Darlac Fine Diamond Sharpener
To sharpen Loppers, Pruners, Knives and all fine cutting blades. Also use for finishing off to a keen edge. A must in the kitchen drawer and to keep your garden tools good as new! A MULTI AWARD WINNER. Use regularly to maintain optimum edge on secateurs, lopper and knives.Full instructions for use included on the packaging. ALWAYS SHARPEN WITH GREAT CARE!Length; 15cmWeight; 15g
Darlac Floral ShearDarlac Floral Shear
Darlac Floral Shear
An ideal flower arrangers tool. When using the control ring, the floral shear will snuggle neatly into the palm of your hand. The broad upper handle, gives absolute control over cutting tasks leaving both hands free. This shear is amazingly strong and versatile and will prove invaluable in many different applications.Great for repetitive work,Sits in palm of hand.Length; 14cmWeight; 96g

Darlac Handy Ratchet LopperDarlac Handy Ratchet Lopper
Darlac Handy Ratchet Lopper
Using loppers with a ratchet mechanism reduces the amount of effort required by approximately 30%. The curved anvil holds the branch in place when cutting. Nylon fibreglass construction, this lopper has incredible power and is very popular with less able gardeners as its extremely lightweight.Fibreglass construction.Extremely lightweight.Curved anvil to grip branches.Cut capacity; 35mmLength; 42cmWeight;...
Darlac Heavy Duty Geared Anvil LopperDarlac Heavy Duty Geared Anvil Lopper
Darlac Heavy Duty Geared Anvil Lopper
The rack and pinion system offer amazing benefits in ease of use. For max cut move the handle apart 180°, place over branch and bring the handles together. The huge forces in play now will sever branches up to an astounding 50mm (2”) with ease. With a Chrome plated steel head for rust resistance and lightweight aluminium handles with oval ribbed profile for strength, these Anvil loppers have...

Darlac Lightweight ShearDarlac Lightweight Shear
Darlac Lightweight Shear
With polished carbon steel wavy edge blades for greater cutting efficiency and Alloy handles with rubber grips for comfort, these shears are suitable for general garden maintenance, such as Hedge & Grass trimming. Amazingly light – 580G – and tough, these shears are perfect for topiary work and all precision clipping. A very popular little shear. AN AWARD WINNER.Polished carbon steel...
Darlac Lightweight Shear 8'Darlac Lightweight Shear 8'
Darlac Lightweight Shear 8'
With extra long handles for greater reach and razor sharp replaceable carbon steel blades, these are a very popular, lightweight and well balanced trimming shear. Weighs less than a kilo and so highly recommended for shaping Topiary, Hedges trimming and grass cutting. Tension adjuster.Razor sharp replaceable carbon steel blades. Length of Blades – 200 mm (8inch).Extra long handles.Length; 65cmWeight;...

Darlac Mini Bypass SecateursDarlac Mini Bypass Secateurs
Darlac Mini Bypass Secateurs
A good size to keep in your garden carrier, ready to cut back any stragglers you might find. A nice small secateur for light pruning. Ideal for flower arranging and floral art. Keep handy when out walking or hiking. The single handed locking mechanism is invaluable – just squeeze the handles and push the catch forward. The catch can be operated right or left handed. Stainless steel blade for...
Darlac Mini SnipsDarlac Mini Snips
Darlac Mini Snips
These snips are ideal for deadheading, light pruning or collecting herbs. More robust than scissors, they are a ‘must have’ tool for florist and flower arranging. The blades are stainless steel to prevent rusting.The catch can be operated with the left or right hand.Narrow stainless steel blades for precise trimming.Length; 15.5cmWeight; 124g

Darlac Perenial ShearDarlac Perenial Shear
Darlac Perenial Shear
The easy way to trim back green growth. Recommended for topiary, trimming ornamental grasses and deadheading annuals and perennials. The high carbon steel blades are hollowed out to offer minimum friction and a precise cutting edge and can be re-sharpened when necessary. The shear is easy to handle and will cut right down to the tip of the blade for intricate work.Tough and versatile.For trimming ornamental...
Darlac Professional Left Hand SecateursDarlac Professional Left Hand Secateurs
Darlac Professional Left Hand Secateurs
Designed specifically for left hand use, incorporating a locking catch operated by the left thumb and a blade reversed for precise cutting. The blade is precision ground and copes with heavy duty tasks and all light pruning, it is easily sharpened – for best results use our AWARD WINNING Fine Grade Diamond Sharpener (sold separately). This pruner has a decisive tensioning system with a locking...

Darlac Professional SecateursDarlac Professional Secateurs
Darlac Professional Secateurs
This is a great all rounder having been at the top of our budget priced pruner for a very long time. It has an aluminium body and a precision ground blade. The handle profile is slim enough for most hands. The high carbon steel blade is easily sharpened and can be adjusted to the finest tension for ultimate performance, it is coated for clean cutting and rust resistance. There is also a tensioning...
Darlac Small Bypass SecateursDarlac Small Bypass Secateurs
Darlac Small Bypass Secateurs
Recommended for fine pruning and perfect for small hands. The high carbon steel blade is coated to reduce friction and help prevent rusting. The blade can be easily sharpened and adjusted to the finest tension for ultimate performance. A very popular product and an Award Winner. Replaceable parts are also available making this the popular choice for lady gardeners especially. Slim profile handles,...

Darlac SnapperDarlac Snapper
Darlac Snapper
An invaluable garden tool, available in 3 sizes. The smaller sizes can be used singlehanded to reach across beds and borders or to trim soft growth at a distance without treading on plants. Great for collecting roses or picking holly avoiding the prickles. Invaluable for wheelchair gardeners. The self adjusting gripper will hold stems once cut. Use to deadhead hanging baskets and collect fruit....
Darlac Spring Set
Darlac Spring Set
Designed to fit most Darlac pruners. Often the solution to restoring your favourite secateurs to working order, without the need to replace them! Simple to fit, and if oiled occasionally, will give many years of useful service.Pruners not included

Darlac Stainless Steel Small Topiary ShearDarlac Stainless Steel Small Topiary Shear
Darlac Stainless Steel Small Topiary Shear
A traditional tool for shaping box hedge, general trimming and deadheading. Commonly used for shearing sheep, they have been popular with gardeners for more than a century. In topiary work they are unbeatable in achieving the degree of control necessary to create intricate shapes. Light and easy to handle with stainless steel grip and high carbon steel blades. The retaining clip will hold blades closed...
Darlac Super Classic Ratchet SecateursDarlac Super Classic Ratchet Secateurs
Darlac Super Classic Ratchet Secateurs
This top of the range Ratchet Pruner with slim profile handles is the preferred choice of those with small hands.The squeeze/release action of ratchet pruning reduces the effort required by up to one third. A joy to use. Blades are replaceable and can be purchased in kit form.Polyamide construction, cushioned top handle for comfort.Cut capacity; 25mmLength; 20.3cmWeight; 206g

Darlac Swivel ShearDarlac Swivel Shear
Darlac Swivel Shear
These 360% swivel action grass shears are extremely versatiles. Made from high quality tool steel, they are embossed to reinforce strength. A wonderful gardening aid for all those difficult corners that the mower cannot reach. Use for deadheading flowers and heathers and all soft green growth or putting the finishing touches to topiary. A choice of 12 different cutting positions for accuracy. Single...
Darlac Telescopic Anvil Lopper
Darlac Telescopic Anvil Lopper
This lopper has an anvil cut which is the preferred method for pruning hard or dead wood. The Aluminium handles extend from 54cm to 76cm. A clever gearing mechanism and double compound action greatly increases the cutting power and makes pruning easier. It has an easy Flip Lock locking mechanism.A very lightweight lopper with remarkable cutting power.Extendable handlesCut capacity; 35mmLength; 54cmWeight;...

Darlac Telescopic Bypass Lopper
Darlac Telescopic Bypass Lopper
Telescopic Bypass Lopper has a double compound action and a gearing mechanism which work together to provide immense power, greatly reducing the effort required when cutting. These mechanisms in conjunction with the strong, yet lightweight, aluminium handles make this tool very easy to use. The soft touch rubber handles give a comfortable positive grip and the easy “Flip-Lok” action telescopic...
Darlac Telescopic Edging Shear
Darlac Telescopic Edging Shear
Add the finishing touch when the lawn has been cut by trimming the edges with this Telescopic Edging Shear. The handles adjust from 660mm to 1080mm to acheive the perfect user height and avoid back pain. Very lightweight aluminium. Easy Flip Lock operating system for extending the handles. Approx Length of Blades – 290 mm AN AWARD WINNEROval profile aluminium handles.Extends from 660 to 1080mm....