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LEGO Marvel 76245 Ghost Rider Mech & Bike
Treat Super Hero fans aged 7 and up to mega motorcycle adventures with the large-scale LEGO Marvel Ghost Rider Mech & Bike 76245. Kids place the Ghost Rider LEGO minifigure into the opening cockpit of the Ghost Rider mech. The jointed mech has movable arms, legs and hands, allowing it to be positioned and posed for endless play-and-display possibilities. An attachable chain inspires imaginative...
RRP £29.99£29.99 £23.99
LEGO Marvel 76258 Captain America Construction Figure
Put the most famous super-soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the hands of young superheroes aged 8 and over. Standing over 25 cm (9.5 in.) tall, this LEGO Marvel Captain America Construction Figure 76258 is fully jointed and authentically detailed to inspire endless imaginative play. This collectible Marvel Avengers character is fun to build and delivers endless possibilities for play...
RRP £29.99£29.99 £22.99

LEGO City 60379 Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine
The LEGO City Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine (60379) is loaded with features and realistic details. The toy sub comes with a cool bubble cockpit, onboard science lab, underwater drone and a mech-style diving suit for seabed exploration. A shipwreck setting is home to a shark den, giant jellyfish and sunken treasure. Just add the 6 minifigures for hours of imaginative role play. This 7+ playset includes...
RRP £89.99£89.99 £76.49
LEGO MARVEL 76263 Iron Man Hulkbuster vs. Thanos
LEGO Marvel Iron Man Hulkbuster vs. Thanos 76263 features the iconic characters and their awesome technology in a buildable playset created for kids aged 4+. Based on Marvel Studios Avengers: Infinity War, this playset brings Super Hero Iron Man and his mech together with super villain Thanos and his aircraft. The Hulkbuster mech is fully posable and includes a seat for the Iron Man minifigure. The...
RRP £19.99£19.99 £15.99

LEGO Batman 76259 Construction Figure
Put the future of GOTHAM CITY into the hands of your young crime-fighter with the LEGO DC Batman Construction Figure (76259). Standing over 26 cm (10.5 in.) tall, this fully jointed, authentically detailed Batman toy will encourage kids aged 8+ to discover their inner superhero. The figure captures the style and strength of Batman as depicted in the 1989 Batman film. With movable shoulder, arm,...
RRP £29.99£29.99 £22.99
LEGO Technic 42157 John Deere 948L-II Skidder
Give John Deere fans an experience to remember as they recreate all the details of one of the iconic manufacturer's biggest machines. Kids aged 11+ with a passion for engineering and agriculture will love exploring all the features packed into this LEGO Technic John Deere 948L-II Skidder building kit. Authentic functions include steering, 4-wheel drive and a working engine. There's also...
RRP £159.99£159.99 £129.99

LEGO Architecture 21060 - Himeji Castle
Celebrate the longevity and majestic beauty of one of Japan's most revered buildings with this LEGO Architecture Himeji Castle display model (21060). Be transported to the city of Himeji without leaving home as you recreate authentic details such as the castle's turrets, walkways and asymmetric walls in LEGO style. Lift off the top of the main building to view a simplified interpretation...
RRP £129.99£129.99 £119.99
LEGO Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of The Golden Idol
Ready to enjoy some movie nostalgia, Pay homage to Indiana Jones as you build and display this highly detailed LEGO Temple of the Golden Idol 77015 set. Immerse yourself in a rewarding building experience while you assemble the thrilling opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark to proudly display on a shelf. This LEGO Indiana Jones memorabilia model comes with 4 minifigures Indiana Jones, Satipo,...
RRP £129.99£114.99

LEGO Technic 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP
Here's a project to thrill adult motorcycle fans. This LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP 42159 model pays tribute to the most powerful Yamaha motorcycle in the 'hyper naked' category. The stripped-back styling highlights the torquey 4-cylinder engine. Explore the LEGO AR app to see the model come to life. Each detail has been considered to make this model as faithful as possible to the...
RRP £189.99£169.99
LEGO City 60363 Ice-Cream Shop
Bring a summer vibe to kids play with this LEGO City Ice-Cream Shop (60363) for ages 6+. Fans of ice-cream parlors and parties will love this top gift toy, complete with an ice-cream counter, blender, fridge and an outdoor seating area. There's also a cargo bike and 3 minifigures, including a vendor with a fun polar bear suit. This set comes with an easy-to-follow pictorial building guide and...
RRP £29.99£29.99 £26.99

LEGO Super Mario 71406 Yoshis Gift House Expansion Set
Kids can add another fun-packed level to their LEGO Super Mario world with Yoshis Gift House Expansion Set , featuring Yoshi and a Monty Mole.Players can explore and earn digital coins with their interactive LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi or LEGO Peach figures (not included). Say hello to Yoshi at the door, have a nap in Yoshis bed, pick fruits, spin on the Treat Carousel to turn the fruits gold and use the...
£24.99 £19.99
LEGO Sonic 76993 Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot
Kids team up with Sonic to save the day with this LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot 76993 toy set for ages 8+. Sonic's archenemy Dr. Eggman and his minion, Cubot, have captured animals to power up their inventions. Kids can launch Sonic's speed sphere to defeat Dr. Eggman before exploring the research station to gather intel ready for their next encounter. Kids...
RRP £54.99£54.99 £49.99

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