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Nobby Neoprene 'Mesh Preno' HarnessNobby Neoprene 'Mesh Preno' Harness
Nobby Neoprene 'Mesh Preno' Harness
Made of nylon-fleece. Breast, neck and shoulder padded with thick black fleece. Optimal wearing comfort, waist belt infinitely adjustable. Easy and quick handling by 2 buckles on waist beltS-M 38-50cm + 36cm / 20-25mmM-L 50-64cm + 42cm /25-35mmL 60-76cm + 46cm / 25-35mm
from £11.89
Nobby Neoprene 'Mesh Preno' LeashNobby Neoprene 'Mesh Preno' Leash
Nobby Neoprene 'Mesh Preno' Leash
Made of mesh (Nylon) neoprene. The metal parts are matt silver. Soft grip by neoprene lining. It is infinitely adjustable.XS-S Length 120cm / 15-20mmM-L Length 120cm / 20-25mm

Nobby Nylon 'Seguro' HarnessNobby Nylon 'Seguro' Harness
Nobby Nylon 'Seguro' Harness
Very durable, high wearing comfort. 2 Velcro patches to replace the labeling with highly visible reflective stripe, reflective chest strap and lateral lettering. Nylon fabric coated fleece lining (dirt and water repellent) Size GuideS-M 45-60cm / 25mmM 60-75cm / 30mmM-L 65-80cm / 40mmL 72-90cm / 40mm
from £27.29
Nobby Soft Grip HarnessNobby Soft Grip Harness
Nobby Soft Grip Harness
This Nobby Soft Grip Harness is made of nylon. The Soft grip lining means this Nobby harness is both comfortable to wear and wont slip.XS-S 30-40cm / 10mmS-M 40-56cm / 15mmM-L 50-72cm / 20mm
from £10.79