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Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families are an adorable range of distinctive animal characters with charming and beautiful homes, furniture and accessories.

Discover an array of these colourful families at Oldrids & Downtown.


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Sylvanian Families Baby Castle PlaygroundSylvanian Families Baby Castle Playground
Sylvanian Families Baby Castle Playground
Baby Castle Playground is a castle themed playground with slide, ladder and lots of play area details. Everyone can play at being a prince or princess with the Baby Castle Playground.Climb up the ladder to the top turret wearing your crown and then *whooosh all the way down again on the slide. The Baby Castle Playground can also be stacked on top of the Baby Castle Nursery (sold separately) to create...
Sylvanian Families Baby Ropeway ParkSylvanian Families Baby Ropeway Park
Sylvanian Families Baby Ropeway Park
Pull the end of the rope left or right and watch Milk Rabbit Baby ride the gondola. There is an adventure playground under the trees. Includes: Milk Rabbit Baby, Main Unit Left Part, Main Unit Centre Part, Main Unit Right Part, Gondola, Rope (a total of 4 pieces). Suitable for ages 3yrs+ Stimulating imaginative role-play in children

Sylvanian Families Baby Tree HouseSylvanian Families Baby Tree House
Sylvanian Families Baby Tree House
A tree house for the babies to clamber on during their play break. It comes with a Walnut Squirrel Baby figure so you can play straight away. Go exploring in the Baby Tree House this playtime! Clamber up to the top for the best view of Sylvanian Village, aim for the clouds on the swing or take a little nap in the hammock.Baby Tree House includes Walnut Squirrel Baby and a cute little wooden room for...
Sylvanian Families Caramel Dog FamilySylvanian Families Caramel Dog Family
Sylvanian Families Caramel Dog Family
Caramel Dog Family members have small ears, which adds to their charm. The amazing family includes the Father who loves birdwatching, the Mother who loves hiking, the Girl who loves going out and the Baby who loves collecting acorns.Suitable for ages 3yrs+Stimulating imaginative role-play in children

Sylvanian Families Comfy Living Room Furniture SetSylvanian Families Comfy Living Room Furniture Set
Sylvanian Families Comfy Living Room Furniture Set
Comfy Living Room Set includes a sofa, armchairs, low table, TV and TV cabinet. Comfy Living Room Set features picture sheets within the TV that can be taken out and replaced to change the TV picture. The included interchangeable materials for the sofa and armchairs allow for easy design changes.Using the unified design, combine with Comfy Living Room Set and other figures to create a fun living room...
Sylvanian Families Elephant Family (3 Figures)Sylvanian Families Elephant Family (3 Figures)
Sylvanian Families Elephant Family (3 Figures)
Elephant Family is a three-piece set including Elephant Father, Mother and baby. The figure's head, hand and feet can be moved, allowing them to take on a number of different poses. Father, Mitchell loves to sleep. He grows strawberries and looks forward to watering them every day. Mother, Rianne loves to eat, although she always says she's on a diet. She exercises as much as she eats, so she is always...

Sylvanian Families Pookie Panda FamilySylvanian Families Pookie Panda Family
Sylvanian Families Pookie Panda Family
The Pookie Panda Family figures in dreamy cute clothes. This set includes four figures: Father, mother, and two babies. You can move the heads and limbs of these figures to put them in different poses.Dressed in removable fabric clothing.Box Contents: Pookie Panda father, Pookie Panda mother, Pookie Panda baby (yellow outfit), Pookie Panda baby (purple outfit) (a total of 4 pieces).
Sylvanian Families Red Roof Country HomeSylvanian Families Red Roof Country Home
Sylvanian Families Red Roof Country Home
Red Roof Country Home features a red roof with brightly coloured walls that makes up the delightful Chocolate Rabbit Family home. Rooms come with 3 lights, that can be turned on and off. The Home can be opened up for play at any angle between 90 to 180 degrees. The second floor room on the left side, and the roof on the right side, are removable. Placing this room on top of roof, or placing the roof...

Sylvanian Families Sweet Raspberry Home Playset
The Sweet Raspberry Home is a one-storey house with an amazing entrance terrace and is the ideal set for those who are looking to start collecting Sylvanian Families or wanting to expand the current house to an even bigger one! This adorable house comes with a beautiful front porch, with intricate engravings. The set comes with Creme Chocolate, the Chocolate Rabbit baby and her crib that can turn into...
RRP £19.99£19.99 £17.99
Sylvanian Families Triplets Care SetSylvanian Families Triplets Care Set
Sylvanian Families Triplets Care Set
The Triplets Care Set comes with small and cute Chocolate Rabbit cradled baby Triplets and baby furniture. The set comes with furniture for looking after them, by feeding them and tucking them into bed.Box Contents: Chocolate Rabbit triplet (girl/red outfit), Chocolate Rabbit triplet (boy/yellow outfit), Chocolate Rabbit triplet (girl/mint green outfit), Baby chair (pink), Baby chair (yellow), Baby...

Sylvanian Families Wisteria Terrace House Gift SetSylvanian Families Wisteria Terrace House Gift Set
Sylvanian Families Wisteria Terrace House Gift Set
Sylvanian Families Wisteria Terrace Gift Set This set contains a house and furniture in original colours and the Sunny Rabbit Mother and Sunny Rabbit Baby in special outfits. Sit the figures in the armchairs to enjoy tea or put them in the bed for a rest. This set provides endless hours of fun! Remove the top floor and connect it to the ground floor to make a spacious room. Combine with other furniture...