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Highbury Luggage

Available in-store only at Downtown Grantham.  

Finding the right luggage is more than just a means of transporting your belongings across the globe.

A good suitcase or piece of luggage will, whilst protecting your precious belongings, also make packing a pleasure, make airports feel like a walk in the park and stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are travelling for a night or two or require something more long haul, you can find a fantastic range of luggage in-store at Downtown Grantham.

From Suitcases, Flight bags, Backpacks, Vanity Bags & Shoppers you can find a variety of luggage options at Downtown Stores.

Make sure you come and check our Highbury range for yourself. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to show you each piece.

Luggage Buying Guide

Choosing what type of luggage is right for your trip can be a complex business, with so many options to decide between. Hard or soft sided? Trolley case or travel bag? The length of your trip can also determine what type of case you require, as can your mode of transport.

Peruse the tips below to help guide you in your decision.

Trolley Cases

A trolley case is either a hard or soft sided case on wheels, normally with a telescopic handle so it can be pulled along without exertion. Trolley cases are more stable than wheeled travel bags and are, as a result, much easier to control. Those that come with four wheels are even easier to manage as they can be pulled along beside you, as opposed to being dragged along behind you. 

Soft-sided Cases

Soft-sided cases normally feature flexible panels so are easier to store and tend to be packed more easily in coaches and awkward spaces. They are usually made from Polyester and are more lightweight than their hard-sided counterparts. The Polyester is graded in denier and the higher the denier the greater the thickness and durability of the fabric. Some soft-sided cases are also expandable, allowing greater room for those unexpected purchases!

Hard-sided Cases

Hard-sided cases are rigid in nature and are designed to be more resistant to the strains of air travel, from general handling to the extreme temperature variations that your suitcase will undergo in the hold of the plane. Most hard-sided suitcases are made from ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), which is very strong. ABS can also be given attractive finishes and shine and even though it is strong, it remains lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Briefcases and Garment Bags

Our great range of briefcases and laptop bags contain many compartments, great for business use, whilst remaining stylish in leather or polyester. Polyester is graded in denier and the higher the denier the greater the thickness and durability of the fabric.

Mobile offices are small trolley cases designed for business travel that can accommodate everything required for an overnight business trip, including clothes and business paraphernalia.

A garment bag is a cover for a suit or dress that will transport the garment whilst incurring minimum creasing.

We also offer a great range of travel accessories, including luggage straps, padlocks and luggage scales to weigh your bag before embarking on your trip. 

Organise your holiday with the Highbury Luggage concession in-store at Downtown Grantham.