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Discover the world’s first AI powered bed – the Tempur Ergo Smart base

Introducing Tempur’s smartest bed ever. Experience true restful sleep with the bed designed with sleep in mind.


The Tempur Ergo Smart base bed is jam-packed full of incredible features and intelligent technology, this bed base is truly one of a kind. We’ll explore some of its ground-breaking features below including snore detection technology, intelligent AI sleep trackers and unbeatable build quality to name just a few.


Intelligent technology

Sleeptracker-AI® sensors built into the bed base work by detecting you and your partner’s micro-vibrations from snoring all without the use of microphones. Once detected, the Tempur Ergo Smart bed will automatically respond by elevating your upper body by 12 degrees which, through extensive Tempur research has been found to be the ideal position to help reduce snoring.


With the easy-to-use Tempur Sleeptracker-AI® app, compatible with Amazon Alexa devices and available on both the Google Play and Apple App stores - the intelligent Sleeptracker-AI® sensors can also help you to track your sleep patterns and offer personalised sleep and environment insights with customised coaching. This one-of-a-kind feature makes this bed base so unique and helps you to start and end your day the right way.


Packed full of convenient features

Full to the brim with a variety of convenience options, this bed is not only highly intelligent, but also highly helpful! Control your bed with a backlit wireless remote which comes complete with several pre-set sleeping positions. Use the remote to activate the built-in underbed LED lighting so you can navigate your bedroom at night without disturbing your partner. With the USB ports built-in to the sides of the base you also have the option to recharge your devices whilst you recharge your body.


Never compromising on comfort

The convenience factors certainly don’t affect the comfort options that this bed base has to offer. We all have different sleeping preferences, and the split bed base can be independently adjusted to dozens of positions, for you and your partner. With the Tempur Zero-G preset which elevates both your head and your feet you can experience the feeling of weightlessness and ultimate relaxation. Furthermore, you’re able to control the head or foot ends separately helping you to sit, read, watch TV or even work in extreme comfort.


Make it your own

Personalise the Tempur Ergo Smart bed to your taste with a choice of stunning fabrics and colours, from classic greys and beiges to more striking golds and greens. View these stunning fabrics for yourself in-store or request a swatch sample to be sent to your home to ensure it’s exactly right for you. Also included with the bed is a specially designed headboard available in several designs so no matter your style, there is sure to be a headboard suitable for you.


Built to last

Rest easy knowing that you’re covered with Tempur’s 10-year warranty for the bed frame, 5-year warranty for the bed base left and right drop in sections and 3-year warranty for the electrical components.  


Try it for yourself

Experience the ultimate sleep aid for yourself and try the Tempur Ergo Smart bed in one of our stores today. Based in Grantham and Boston in Lincolnshire, head to your nearest Downtown store today, speak to a member of our friendly team and discover the unbeatable relaxation experience the Tempur Ergo Smart bed has to offer. Alternatively, if you don't live locally then contact us online and we'll be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have. 

Posted by Ellie Allen
24th May 2024

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