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Air Purifiers Sale

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Dyson HP7A Heating & Cooling Air Purifier - White
Bring home the ultimate in fan technology with the HP7A from Dyson. Engineered to help improve the quality of the air, this purifier is ideal for allergy sufferers. Multiple Use As the Dyson HP7A is a three-in-one model, you'll get the best of hot, cool, and purified air all in one handy appliance. It detects, reports, and captures pollutants in a flash, cleaning your air without you lifting...
£599 £449
Dyson TP00 Pure Cool Air Purifier - White
Want clean, purified air throughout your whole room? Take home Dyson's TP00 - a purifier which helps you control the air around you. Keep yourself cool when temperatures rise, just when you need it. Dyson Technology Featuring 360° sealed HEPA and activated carbon filters, this purifier can capture 99.95% of microscopic pollutants and allergens as small as 0.1 microns. Then, thanks to...
£399 £299

Dyson TP7A Purifier Cool Auto React - White/Nickel
Want clean, purified air throughout your whole room? Take home Dyson’s TP7A – the only purifier that goes beyond standard test conditions to give you fantastic results every time. Dyson Technology From plant pollen and cooking fumes to VOCs and benzene found in sprays and candles, our homes can trap pollutants in the air. Dyson’s TP7A features 360 sealed HEPA and activated Carbon...
£449 £369