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World Sleep Day 2023 - How to get the perfect night's sleep

After some tips for getting the perfect night's sleep on World Sleep Day in March 2023?

Did you know that 5.5 billion nights of broken sleep is reported by adults in the UK each year? Crazy right! This effect of broken sleep can have a real impact on us in our day to day lives. 

From aching joints and eye strain to a variety of stress and mental health issues, here at Downtown Stores we know the true importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why this month at Downtown Stores we’re celebrating National Bed month organised by the National Sleep Council

National Bed Month is celebrated every year in the month of March and here at Downtown Stores we’re offering you tons of special offers and huge savings on a number of leading bed brands. 

From free delivery on all mattresses and divans ordered in March 2023 to double Rewards points on mattresses, divans and headboards purchased in-store, find out more about our incredible National Bed Month offers here

Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get a good night’s sleep from the experts of sleep themselves at the Sleep Charity. 

1. Keep regular hours – Try to make sure that you’re going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time each day to programme your body to sleep better.

2. Create a restful sleeping environment – Your bedroom should be a quiet and relaxing sanctuary and should be neither too hot nor too cold. Put your own stamp on the décor in your bedroom with our stunning range of bedlinen and home décor.

3. Make sure your bed is comfortable – The mattress we choose can make a huge difference to your sleeping habits. Choose a mattress with your chosen support and comfort level. We have a massive choice of mattresses with a variety of firmness ratings. From memory foam to pocket springs, with our range of mattresses from leading brands such as Tempur and Silentnight you’re sure to find your dream mattress at Downtown Stores.

4. Exercise more – Regular moderate exercise such as swimming, walking and yoga can help you to wind down from the stresses and strains from everyday life. Just try not to exercise too close to bedtime as you may find you’re kept awake!

5. Cut down on stimulants such as caffeine – Us Brits all love a warm cuppa throughout the day but did you know the caffeine in your trusty cup of tea or coffee could be having an effect on your sleep? Try cutting down on your caffeine intake throughout the day and especially in the evening before bedtime.

6. Don’t overindulge – Too much food or alcohol especially late at night can be detrimental to your sleep cycle. Alcohol has been found to decrease the amount of time you spend in REM sleep (rapid eye moment - a deep and restorative sleep) so it might help you feel sleepy but it won’t help you achieve that good quality sleep that we’re all after.

7. Try to relax before going to bed – Take a warm bath with a wonderful bath soak or a gorgeous bath bomb. Check out our fabulous range of bath and shower products from the likes of Bomb Cosmetics and L'Occitane and take 5 minutes to yourself to unwind.

8. Turn off gadgets before bed – Research shows that blue light emitted from the screens of our trusty gadgets is actually having an impact on our sleep. The blue light signals emitted from screens trigger our brains to wake up when we should be winding down so it’s a good idea to ditch those gadgets at least an hour before bedtime for a proper restful night’s sleep.

Now that we’ve armed you with some helpful hints for a good night’s sleep, why not pop in-store or shop online at Downtown Stores and shop it all from beds and mattresses to duvets and pillows. We truly have it all at Downtown. Happy snoozing! 

Posted by Ellie Allen
16th March 2023

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