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Terrarium workshop - Create your own mini garden

Create your own horticultural piece of art with the Terrarium workshop hosted by Downtown stores.

So, what is a Terrarium?

A Terrarium is essentially a miniature garden housed inside a small glass container. These glass containers are usually sealable so that a fully functioning plant ecosystem can exist! It’s quite clever really… the plants within this miniature garden will water themselves through transpiration and through condensation.

Long story short, pop your Terrarium in a warm and sunny spot and let the warmth from the sun work its magic. The warmth creates moisture which evaporates from the plants and the soil. This then condenses on the inside of the glass container which then drips down back into the soil watering the plants within!

The first Terrarium was created by accident in Victorian London by a naturalist called Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward who was observing a moth chrysalis in a sealed glass bottle. He discovered that a fern spore germinated in the soil and had created its very own miniature ecosystem. This quickly became it’s very own trend called “Fern Fever” as Victorians explored their love for exotic plants.

And, what might I use a Terrarium for?

Terrariums are usually used by people who like to grow and collect plants but don’t typically have space or a garden to do so. For example, Terrariums are popular with people who live in built-up urban areas like a city. They can create beautiful horticultural pieces of art in their own homes, and they don’t have to worry about regularly maintaining them as they tend to look after themselves. Cool right?

Fancy getting yourself a new and exotic decoration for your home or maybe a new office plant? Perhaps you’d like to treat someone in your life with a unique gift? You too can create your very own miniature ecosystem with help from Downtown Stores.

On Saturday the 1st of April 2023, we are excited to offer you the chance to create your very own Terrarium. This wonderful Terrarium Workshop event at Downtown Garden Centre is the perfect opportunity for you to get hands on and stuck in and create your very own piece of horticultural art!

Enjoy a guided session with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create and care for your Terrarium. Plus, all the materials and decorations you will need will be provided, and are included in the ticket price. 

Tickets are just  £38.62 per person and spaces are limited. To find out more and to book tickets please click here

Posted by Ellie Allen
3rd March 2023

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